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There was a time when textured popcorn ceilings were considered a trend, and people loved to design their ceilings this way. But now, this is outdated and old-fashioned. It is time to change things and do what is in trend these days.

As people turn towards getting new ceiling designs, they are looking to get rid of their old ones. So, we have seen many queries about popcorn removal from their ceiling. And we know exactly what to do about it.

Though it is not extremely difficult to rectify these ceilings, it can get messy and demands high accuracy and precision in renovation work. It is a job better left to professionals to do. And the Patch Plus Paint team is one of the best teams that you can trust this job with.

Patch Plus Paint has an expert team who can handle this work quickly and clearly. Ultimately our aim is your satisfaction through our professional service. The result? Clean, hassle-free removal of your popcorn ceiling leaves a clean canvas for whichever ceiling you want to get next.

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