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Trusting someone to paint your property is not an easy decision. The property can be your home, where you want to build precious memories with your family members or any commercial place where you want to compete with others by offering the best to your customers. That is why our goal at Patch Plus Paint is to provide you with some of the finest painters in Frisco & Plano, Texas, who can give life to the walls of your house and commercial property by providing you with the best painting services.

If you are looking for professional painting servicesfor your home or any commercial project, then you’re at the right place! Patch Plus Paint offers you a free estimate with the best painters for all house and commercial painting projects.

Patch Plus Paint puts quality and customer service ahead of everything else. Our highly trained and experienced commercial painters in Frisco and Plano are dedicated to ensuring that you, the customers, are delighted with your home or any property you choose for our quality painting services. It is our goal to provide you with the best painting services and gain you as a loyal customer for life.

Why Should You Trust Us?

Patch Plus Paint is a professional painting contractor servicing the Frisco & Plano area of Texas. We can do projects ranging from large residential and commercial painting contracts to small house painting and wallpaper removal jobs. Our commercial painters in Frisco and Plano are professional and courteous and ensure that our clients are provided with the best.

We stand by our work with a written guarantee for our customer’s peace of mind and provide our professional painting services in our customer’s best interests. We aim to provide you with our best and finest interior and exterior painting services.


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Texture Painting

Texture painting gives your home or any commercial property an entirely new and flashy dramatic look. It is not only an economical option but also one of the best and quick options to hide drywall imperfections. Patch Plus Paint provides you with premium-quality texture painting services at an unbeatable price. The roughly patterned effect that texture paint creates on your wall gives your property a wild finishing touch, perfect for people interested in aesthetics.

Wallpaper Removal & Installation Services

Installing wallpaper adds unique intricate patterns and style to your home, giving it a brand new definition of beauty and elegance. We offer a wide range of wallpapers to our customers, from traditional styles to patterns and trendy textured wallpapers installation, to ensure that customers with all preferences are satisfied with our services and employees. We also ensure that our quality painting services are provided at a fair and affordable price.

Drywall Repair

Everyone familiar with the world of wall painting can agree that drywall repair can be quite a hectic and tedious task. Damaged drywall badly impacts your home appearance, so it is essential to fix it in time. Hiring an expert to replace and repair damaged drywall is your best option in this scenario. Our dedicated and trained painters in Frisco and Plano are here to serve you in this regard.

Paint the Entire Interior

Interior painting has a huge impact on the appearance and overall vibe of your home or any other commercial property. A good, impeccable paint adds up to the beauty of your house, making you feel happy, safe, calm, and comfy in your home. Our expert team provides you with the best painting services by helping you choose the best color palette that matches your taste and goes with the trend.

Ceiling Painting Repair | Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Popcorn ceiling was quite a popular way to hide imperfections and decorate your home. But according to the latest trends, the popcorn ceiling is considered an old-fashioned look. So if you’re one of the people who want to remove it on a priority basis, then Patch Plus Paint can do that for you. Our professional painters are well-versed and experienced and will leave your ceilings with a plain and neat finish.

Paint Or Stain Cabinets

All painters agree that one of the most time-consuming and challenging parts of painting is painting or staining cabinets at home. Your best option in this scenario is to hire an expert to do this task because it demands a lot of dedication, concentration, energy, and time from your daily life. Lucky for you, Patch Plus Paint can do this job perfectly in a fair amount of time and price.

Exterior Painting

The first thing that impacts your home’s appearance is its exterior paint. A good eye catchy paint can make your home stand out from all neighboring houses. Our color consultation team at Patch Plus Paint can help you choose a decent color scheme for your home’s exterior. Furthermore, our services are executed by the best team of house painters Frisco and Plano has seen. Therefore, the quality of our work is never compromised.

Fence And Deck Stain

Sometimes, a fresh look doesn’t require you to re-do the construction around your house. Just a clean touch-up can do the job. A great example is a fence and deck staining that can renew your fence wood. According to Frisco and Plano painters, who understand the job well, the best time for staining wood is around 2 to 6 weeks once it gets installed. Choosing the correct type of stain is more important and confusing. Patch Plus Paint can effectively help you with that.

Stucco Painting

Stucco is a well-known construction material of sand, cement, and water. This aggregate is applied in a wet state and eventually hardens, forming a solid with a very high density. Stucco increases your walls and ceiling’s aesthetic look at a very economical price and serves you in the long run. Many commercial painters in Plano and Frisco provide stucco painting services but fail to provide a neat finish. Patch Plus Paint, on the other hand, offers exemplary stucco painting services that leave no room for complains.

Front Door Refinishing

The front door compliments your overall home style and design. If this important part of your house has lost the finish that it used to have, you may need to do something about it. Buying a new door can be heavy on your pocket and not something you’d be willing to do. A better option would be to hire Patch Plus Paint for a refinishing job. For that, our team can be at your service, ensuring a finish that not only restores the new look of your front door but also further enhances it compared to what it used to be.

Brick Painting

Brick painting has been trendy for a long time for the interior and exterior of your home. It gives your home a popular aesthetic vintage and eye-catchy look. Regarding brick painting, Patch Plus Paint can serve you the best possible way in town. Our Frisco and Plano painters team possess great experience and skills for the job. Not only do they ensure a satisfactory paint job, but they also ensure a courteous service that will tend to all your brick painting needs.

Garage Floor Coating

The garage is probably the most neglected part of many homes. However, taking care of your garage doesn’t require you to do much. A few minor additions can be all the changes you need. Coating your garage is a win-win situation for you because it adds beauty and durability and hides all concrete imperfections. We’re known for providing supreme garage floor coating that will extend the lifetime of your garage flooring and keep it in good condition for years to come.

While a number of elements play a role in the overall look of your house, the quality and type of woodwork can be the ones making a statement. Whether it’s dark wood or light wood, both give your home a sophisticated extravagant look. The key is using the right color combination. With the right choice, you can enhance the overall aesthetics without overshadowing other design details of your home.

The next most important step is the execution of your ideas. While many companies can do what you ask for, not all of them will be able to bring your ideas to life and that is where we can help you. Our team of experienced workers at Patch Plus Paint will not only provide you with professional services and competitive rates, but will also offer you a guaranteed outcome reflecting all that you had expected.

Whether interior or exterior, our team is dedicated to providing you with the best light woodwork services you can find in Plano and Frisco. If you are planning to refresh your old look or want to add a new look to your home, we’ll serve you in the best possible way. Our services ensure a top-quality job and a detailed finish that will be sure to please the keenest of eyes. We are known for our excellent woodwork services, including but not limited to the casing, crown molding, baseboard, door or selves’ beams, and removing panels. We also extend our services to cover a wide range of exterior woodwork services, including installing and replacing siding, trim boards, and fascia & soffits.

If you choose Patch Plus Paint, you will sign yourself up for peace of mind and an excellent quality finish at a reasonable price compared to the market. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!