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We know that decorating or designing your home is always a special affair for you. At Patch Plus Paint, your choice is our priority. While designing your cabinet, we can offer you both a painted cabinet and a stained cabinet, depending on your preference. Whatever you choose, we provide you with the best of it.

Painted cabinets are generally assembled with stuff that can hold paint properly. It usually has a flat surface & detailed grain motifs. Usually, these types of cabinets are ready to install. Our team has significant experience handling and installing these units, giving you the desired results.

In the case of stained cabinets, they are usually made with a clear finish. They are usually glossy or semi-glossy. Some of them even have the feature of ultraviolet ray protection. And if you are looking to gain the best of these units, our team is all you need.

Patch Plus Paint has an expert team to care for your cabinet preference. Be it painted or stained, we ensure that the final look is exactly what you ask for, if not better.  The services we provide for you are always tailored to your needs, making sure we don’t sway from what you need.

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