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Are your doors deteriorating due to weather exposure or normal wear and tear? Talk to the Patch Plus Paint experts before hiring a handyperson with limited experience in entry refinishing – you’ll be glad you did!

Everyone wants the front door of their place to be one of the most beautiful parts of their space. Everyone should feel welcomed just by glancing at their entrance. The front door may require a lot of refinishing, but you might have avoided that for a long time. But we recommend you get it done from the best service provider.

Our Patch Plus Paint Team understands that this minimal but extremely essential work should be done with utmost care and precision as it replicates the total atmosphere and interior of the building. Our on-site refinishing service will take your door from drab to fab in no time.

Refinishing your entry door is a quick and inexpensive way to bring out the natural beauty of wood. Our on-site refinishing service can typically restore a door to service in a single day.

We provide door refinishing services such as painting, varnishing, and staining to help make those faded doors look as good as new. Weatherstripping, door sweeps, and rotten wood can all be replaced. Maintenance and repairs can help your space become more energy efficient and keep bugs out. 

You can have us match your existing stain or use a different color. We bring plenty of popular stain colors to match your current stain.

So if you need assistance with front door refinishing service, you can contact our expert team, who can solve your problem in no time.

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